How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Posted by Bayes Business School on 28-May-2020 09:30:00

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for helping you to stand out among a global pool of candidates in today’s competitive global finance job market.

The more complete and compelling you can make your profile, the better the chances are that finance industry employers will find it and take the time to look at it! It could even lead to you being approached directly about exciting new career opportunities.

Here are some top tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

Choose the right profile picture

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many LinkedIn users get this wrong. Think of your LinkedIn profile picture as your personal brand image. It’s what a potential employer will typically first see when looking at your profile, and it’s the image that will introduce you to them and potentially keep you front and centre in their minds.

Make an impact – use a profile picture that’s industry-appropriate, professional, high-resolution and recent. And, just as importantly, be sure to smile – it will tell a great deal about your personality and what you’d be like to work with.

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Create a compelling headline

Your headline is another crucial component of your LinkedIn profile. Like your profile photo, it’s one of the first things a potential employer will see on your profile page. But it’s even more than that – it’s also  a key space in terms of SEO and driving potential employers to your profile page.

Many LinkedIn users simply use their current job title as their headline – this is LinkedIn’s default option. But if you want to make the most of this prime 120-character real estate at the top of your profile page, create your own compelling headline.

Focus on your strengths in the global finance industry – what is the most important thing you want potential employers to know about you that makes you an outstanding global finance professional?

Be sure to include keywords in your headline that potential industry employers would typically search for when looking for new talent – this will help to make sure they find you.

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Highlight your industry qualifications and skills

Use the ‘About’ section of your profile to highlight your qualifications and skills specific to the global finance industry. List these using bullet points to make them easy to read, and keep them concise and to the point.

For example, depending on your academic background and experience, you could include these sought-after qualifications and skills:

  • MSc Global Finance
  • MBA
  • Corporate finance
  • Asset management
  • International finance
  • Risk management
  • Global real estate

You can also highlight your industry-relevant skills in the ‘Experience’ section of your profile, along with a concise list of your duties and key achievements in each of your roles.

Request recommendations

Including recommendations from current and former colleagues and managers will make your profile more credible.

LinkedIn recommendations are essentially job references. They help potential employers find out first-hand what you’re like to work with and what industry knowledge and skills you can bring to the table.

When you’re looking for global finance jobs, try to source as many recommendations as you can from finance professionals you’ve worked alongside, managed or been managed by who can vouch for your industry knowledge and skills.

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