Bayes MSc in Global Finance sponsorship – 6 key benefits for your employer

Posted by Bayes Business School on 10-Dec-2019 15:26:25

Creating a business case that emphasises the benefits of the MSc for your employer is key for securing your study sponsorship.

Whether it’s verbal or written, here are 6 important points to cover in your proposal:

1. Specialisation focused on your organisation’s needs

With the Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) MSc in Global Finance, you’ll explore in-depth areas of specialisation that are relevant to your organisation’s specific business needs.

The course offers four areas of specialisation – International Banking; Asset Management; The Insurance Industry; and Global Real Estate – enabling you to gain specialist knowledge of key industries within the financial sector.

2. Immediate return on investment

Cass’s hands-on approach to learning will enable you to apply your newly-acquired knowledge and skills to your workplace immediately.

The course covers all aspects of today’s financial markets so that you can confidently discuss and address current global issues facing your employer. Key modules for today’s finance professionals, such as International Banking, Global Real Estate and Asset Management, are exclusive to this MSc.


For more advice on putting your business case together, see our top tips for approaching your employer for study sponsorship: 



3. Boost your organisation’s skills in the areas that count 

The MSc in Global Finance will equip you with the exceptional analytical, numerical and interpersonal skills needed to tackle the challenges your employer is facing in today's rapidly-changing world of global finance.

4. Strengthened workplace talent

Supporting your professional development is a way to keep you, and other talented employees, within the business, while also attracting new talent to the organisation.

Sponsoring employees to complete an MSc in Global Finance can be a key recruitment tool for your employer in today’s job market, where the competition for top talent in the finance industry is increasingly high.

5. Continuous access to global networks

Your employer can leverage your access to Bayes Business School’s established global alumni network of over 49,000 professionals embedded in every sector, as well as Cass’s team of leading academics, policymakers and renowned business practitioners.

This global network is available after your graduate too - MSc in Global Finance graduates have continued access to the Bayes online community, research tools and databases, as well as the opportunity to attend masterclasses and networking events.

6. No career break necessary

The Bayes MSc in Global Finance is studied online, part-time, over two years, so unlike other programmes, there’s no need for you to take a career break, or even time off work, to complete the course.

Find out more about the benefits of our MSc in Global Finance or call our team of professional course advisers on +44 (0)20 7269 7410 to discuss employer sponsorship further.

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