How earning an MBA can help future-proof your career

Posted by Bayes Business School on 18-Feb-2021 09:00:00

As the Coronavirus pandemic – and the related stock market crash – has proven, a crisis can occur at any time, with a wide-reaching impact on individuals and businesses alike.

Naturally, job security is a valuable thing to have during difficult times. A high level of employability can be just as useful, helping you move from one job to another should your circumstances suddenly change.

An MBA can be an excellent investment to help navigate career shifts, as it gives students the abilities needed to thrive in a variety of settings. Whether you’re confronted by a sudden change or want the flexibility needed to progress across sectors, here’s how an MBA can help future proof your career:

Gain an international approach

More people across the world are gaining access to the internet and various forms of digital technology. This in turn allows companies to connect with larger audiences, meaning even small businesses can now develop a global following or build a global team.

Our online Global MBA focuses on giving students the frameworks needed to lead teams through the challenges of today’s international business world. You’ll further your knowledge of how to serve diverse teams, as well as diverse customers.

By studying alongside your course mates, many of whom will be from industries and countries different to your own, you may also gain fresh insights about unfamiliar work practices or structures.

Master transferable skills

With an MBA, you can expect to develop the business expertise needed by organisations across a number of industries and sectors.

The capabilities you develop during your time on your course are highly transferable, such as the knowledge you’ll gain around management, organisations, and the various external factors that can impact them.

While you can certainly choose to hone a specialisation, these skills can help you secure opportunities in many fields – including if you decide to set up your own business.

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Understand the need for life-long learning

Even outside of crises, organisations, business processes, and industries as a whole are still constantly changing to stay competitive.

In order to stay competitive as a professional, you will need to consistently evolve as well. This will help you take on new challenges as they occur, whether they come in the form of technological advancements, legislative changes, or other factors outside of your control.

Similarly, MBA students are expected to develop the self-direction needed to conduct their own research and build their own knowledge. While you’ll still receive support from your tutors, this independence aims to instil an appreciation for proactive learning that will translate to your career.

Enhance your interpersonal abilities

While it’s true that AI is playing an increasingly large role in many organisations, the human element is still crucial to business success. The assignments and groupwork included in our Global MBA are designed to help you learn how to collaborate with other professionals.

You’ll see the importance of building connections within your industry and beyond – which will help you find opportunities and adapt to new teams. These lessons will also aid you in developing many other soft skills that companies value, such as communicativeness, time management, and efficiency.

Build a strong network

Continuing from our previous point, studying an MBA can demonstrate the value of having a professional network with whom you can exchange insights and opportunities.

However, as a graduate of Bayes Business School, you’ll have the added advantage of automatically joining our expansive alumni network following graduation. That means access to thousands of professionals across different roles, industries, and countries.

Plus, through our Bayes Careers Online platform, you’ll have access to globally relevant career tools and 1:1 career advice. You can work with our expert team to develop a career plan, prepare for job interviews, and navigate your career thoughtfully and confidently. 

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