5 skills you develop by doing an MBA

Posted by Bayes Business School on 14-May-2020 09:00:00

An MBA has long been the degree of choice for business professionals wanting to pursue high-level management roles across a range of industries and organisations. In fact, a 2017 report by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) found that MBA alumni are more likely to hold general management positions.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, an MBA can be even more indispensable in securing your current and future career success.

Here are 5 key skills you develop by doing an MBA that could make you more employable:


1. Teamwork

Being able to work within a team and with a wide variety of people was identified as the most important skill sought after by leading employers worldwide in a recent survey by the Financial Times.

An MBA – particularly a Global MBA where you'll study alongside professionals from all over the world – will give you the advanced people skills you need to confidently and effectively collaborate with colleagues across your organisation at all levels, as well as with stakeholders from around the world.


2. Leadership

Strong leadership skills are an absolute must if you’re looking to pursue high-level, executive management roles, such as CEO and other C-level roles.

An MBA will enhance your leadership and influencing skills and empower you to become a bold and visionary leader – ready to take on the challenges of today’s global business world and highly-respected by colleagues and stakeholders alike.


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3. Communication

Communication skills are paramount to your success as a leader. To be a strong leader and to be able to work well with, influence and motivate others, you need to have advanced communication skills – both verbal and written.

An MBA is a rigorous masters course. To successfully complete an MBA, you’ll need to demonstrate strong communication skills. Throughout the course, you’ll be challenged and supported to further develop your ability to influence and motivate others so that you can succeed as a business leader.


4. Managerial decision-making skills

To continue to move your organisation forward, you’ll need to master your managerial decision-making skills.

Successful leaders not only know how to make the right decision for their business, but also know the right time to make it.

With an MBA, you’ll gain the analytical and critical thinking skills you need to make well-informed business decisions – at the right time. You’ll also gain the advanced business knowledge and skills you need to anticipate future challenges and proactively take steps resolve them.


5. Entrepreneurial skills

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of any business’s success – no matter what industry.

An MBA will challenge and empower you to continuously look outside the box for ideas and solutions to drive your organisation’s success. It will also equip you with the strong practical skills and wealth of theoretical knowledge you need to enable you to build a scalable and competitive business.


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