Thinking about studying an MBA? Student Eva shares her advice

Posted by Bayes Business School on 01-Aug-2022 09:00:00

Find out what it's like to study an MBA online in our interview with student Eva. 

This post is an edited version of a webinar transcript. You can watch the full webinar recording with Eva on the Bayes online website.

Eva Andersson is a current student on the online Global MBA and an analyst for an investment firm in retail and leisure. Eva spoke to us about how she feels an MBA will strengthen her theoretical knowledge and help her progress her career, along with how she fits studying into her busy working week.

Can you tell us about your background?

Eva: I'm originally from Sweden, but I've worked and lived in several European countries and Australia. I've worked mainly in the hospital management industry during my career so far.

However, in 2015, I want to have a career change and started the fashion business course in London - and I also moved to London at that point. I graduated from there in 2018 and after that I worked in the luxury goods industry.

At this stage in my career, I'm working as an analyst for an international investment firm and my main base is in London. I've previously been at the Cayman Islands office.

Here, my focus has been on improving and analysing our existing portfolio companies and also potential business opportunities, mainly within leisure and the retail sector.

What motivated you to study the Global MBA with Bayes?

Eva: I felt I wanted to merge and strengthen my theoretical skills with my work experience. I thought this course would support me to advance in my career and enhance my academic and professional development.

This online format suited me very well. I'm working in different time zones, in different countries, but this format enables me to have access to all the course material, wherever or whenever I have time and opportunity to do my studies.

Bayes (formerly Cass) was, for me, quite a natural choice because I have a few people in my network that went to Bayes almost 20 years ago and they have had very successful careers.

When I asked for their opinion on their experience at the school, everyone highly recommended it. I felt very confident in having that network advise me that they were very happy with their education, so it was a very natural choice for me to go to Bayes.

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What’s it been like to study this course online?

Eva: The Global MBA has very relevant modules that align with my experience and where I want to go in my career, mainly in business management strategy and finance.

I also believe that the course will give me the skills and the structures to progress my career and that I can apply these straight away to my work.

Each week you have live webinars with your tutors and the rest of the class, who you can interact with and speak freely with them about the course content. You also have an online chat where you can ask questions to the tutors or other people in the class.

We’ve also had a Zoom get-together a few times, like an unofficial class meeting where we discuss how we feel about the programme and get advice from each other.

The whole Global MBA team at Bayes is very supportive. Mainly the communication is via email or a Teams meeting, but the response time is also very good. Within 24 hours, usually you get the answer.

During the first year, you also have a very good drop-in session each week with the tutors, you can drop in and out for one hour with course content or assignment questions or if you want to have a discussion or just get some feedback on your current work.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Eva: I usually try to see this Global MBA as part of my work. If I have an eight-hour working day, I try to maybe do a couple of hours in the morning or in the evenings, so it would feel like I was doing overtime at work. That works for me because then I can get maybe half a day or almost a whole day off at the weekend so I can recharge and just enjoy life.

I also put aside each week, if possible, the hour for the webinar and the hour for the drop-in session. Of course, sometimes emergencies happen, and you can't attend, but the webinars are all recorded, so you can always watch them on demand after the live webinar.

What’s impressed you about the Global MBA?

Eva: For me, the whole Global MBA team impressed me from the first interaction with the school, when I showed my interest, and through the applications process up until the Welcome Week.

And now that I’ve started on the course, I’m impressed about the material which is available online and how it's available online - and the teachers' and the tutors' engagements throughout all modules.

I also would like to say that one of my concerns before I started was library resources, but the required materials are very easy to access. The library offers good webinars and live sessions to teach you how to most efficiently use these resources for your studies. And they are also very happy to set up a Teams meeting, or answer e-mail questions regarding referencing or if you can't find what you're looking for.

What’s your advice to anyone thinking about doing an MBA?

Eva: Set yourself clear objectives and goals. Why you want to do the MBA? For me, having these objectives and goals makes it easy to keep myself on track and remember why I'm doing this.

I would also advise you to be engaged in the course material and attend webinars and the drop-in sessions, because for me, when you don't have a class that you can attend, like in person, these small get-togethers each week give you tools to succeed which you don't get if you just do the online content.

It's a nice way also to meet your classmates too, to see them in the webinar or see them in their drop-in session. That's my biggest advice, to have clear objectives, be engaged in the course material and try to attend the live sessions as much as possible.

Thank you to Eva for sharing her experiences with us!

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