Why submit your application early?

Posted by MSc in Global Finance Admissions Team on 01-Aug-2019 09:00:00

There are many benefits to applying early for the MSc Global Finance (online), from being more likely to get a quick decision on your application to having more time to prepare your documents and get ready to start your course.

Here's why you should apply as early as you can:

1. Get a quick decision

The MSc in Global Finance (online) has three intakes a year - January, May and September. 

We recommend you submit your application as early as possible. This is because applying early means you’re likely to get a quick decision on the outcome of your application – usually within 5 working days. If you apply during a busy period in the lead-up to the application deadline, however, you may be waiting longer for a decision.

2. More time to prepare your documents

As part of the application process for the Bayes MSc Global Finance online, you’ll need to submit several documents including:

  • University transcripts/interim transcripts (if you're currently studying)
  • Final year module list (if you’re currently studying)
  • A personal statement
  • A CV
  • 2 email addresses of referees
  • Your English language qualification score reports (if English isn't your first language)
  • Confirmation of your professional qualifications

Applying early will give you more time to prepare all your documents and ensure they are up-to-date and well-presented so you can submit the best application possible.

It will also give you enough time to chase up any documents you need – such as references and electronic transcripts – from external organisations and universities.

Having all your documents prepared and ready to submit in good time will save you the unnecessary hassle and stress of having to scramble at the last minute to submit a complete application.


Applications are open for our MSc in Global Finance (online). Our Course Adviser team can answer any questions you have and guide you through the application process:

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3. More time to write your personal statement and CV

Your personal statement and CV are crucial supporting documents for your application. Investing the time and effort to make sure they are current and impactful will greatly help the outcome of your application.

A well-written personal statement and CV can help our admissions panel not only determine your suitability for your chosen course, but also understand your motivation(s) for applying.

Your personal statement and CV are one of the best ways to demonstrate your motivation for, and knowledge of, your chosen course and industry. So having ample time to work on these documents and make them the best they can be will put you in a far better position to be accepted into your course than if you rush to submit these documents at a late stage.

4. More time to meet offer conditions

If you’ve received a conditional offer from us for your course that’s dependent on you achieving a certain grade or taking a test such as the IELTS, applying early will give you more time to meet the conditions of your offer.

If you submit a late application, you’re likely to find yourself with very little time to meet your offer conditions, especially if you need to retake tests to achieve a required score.

Applying early gives you greater capacity to be able to meet your offer conditions – enabling you to book suitable test dates before they get fully booked, and avoiding unnecessary last-minute stress.

5. More time to prepare to start your course

The earlier you’re accepted into your chosen course, the more time you’ll have to get ready to start your studies.

For example, you’ll have earlier access to the reading list that will help prepare you for your chosen course. You’ll also have more time to create a schedule and make appropriate arrangements – such as with your employer or family members – for managing your studies alongside your work and other commitments.

Being well-prepared to start your course will give you the peace of mind to enter your course confidently and comfortably.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of course advisers can answer any questions you have about the Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) application process and give you tips and advice to help you put forward your best application:

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